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I put together this bag to be truly filled with the ultimate essentials that we all need for the big day, and the bag still has room for your add-ons. It is the perfect addition for any wedding, for you, and for your bridesmaids.

You get the following 29 items:

🤍 Clear and fabric handle purse

🤍 Mirror compact

🤍 Makeup wipes (2)

🤍 Toothpicks (2)

🤍 Summers Eve wipes (2)

🤍 JLB scrunchie

🤍 Stain removing wipes

🤍 Hand-wipes (2)

🤍 Safety pins (4)

🤍 Bobby pins (8)

🤍 Bandages pack

🤍 PVC small pouch for jewelry (3)

🤍 Checklist to make your packing easier

Wedding Emergency Kit

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